Personal and Business Taxation - Tax litigation

Our Firm assists regularly its clients in the establishment of their tax reports, and handles the steps with the tax administration. The advisory also includes, in addition to the fiscal counselling, a modern service in France, which is the tax optimization, meaning to propose a legal structure that satisfies the wishes of the business managers, in a way as to pay the least of social and tax contributions. Likewise,  when the company is about to have a significant deal.

The Firm may work closely with the accounting and financial departments of our business clients, that are the most able to give us the information we need.

Finally, we stand by the tax payers before the competent administrations et jurisdictions, when there is a tax challenge from one part or another.

Employment disputes 

Our structure is regularly involved before the labour jurisdictions, on behalf of employees or employers, notably as a result of a dismissal (for misconduct, inability, economic cutbacks, etc).

Victims' rights

Mehdi values particularly the handling of cases of people in vulnerable situations (high conflict divorces, child custody and access matters, harassment, domestic violence, neighbourhood disturbances, guardianship proceedings, discriminations, sexual abuses, etc). We go before the authorities and competent jurisdictions in order to defend the interests of these persons and cease the trouble.