Taxation – advising and disputing

Our Firm assists regularly its clients in the establishment of their financial statements and tax reports, and handles the steps with the tax administration. The advisory also includes, in addition to the tax consultations, a modern service in Algeria which is the "tax optimization" or "tax planning", meaning to propose a legal structure that satisfies the wishes of the businesses, in a way as to pay the least of social and tax contributions. Likewise,  when the company is about to have a significant deal.

The Firm may work closely with the accounting and financial departments of our business clients, that are the most able to give us the information we need.

The tax disputes are a disagreement between the administration and a tax payer, about the amount or the grounds of a taxation. If the need be, we file multiple administrative recourses, either before the same authority that issued the tax or its superior body. In the case the conflict is not settled in that phase, we would go before the administrative jurisdictions and plead our claim and point of view before a judge.

Expatriates’ law

Our Firm enjoys an excellent reputation in assisting foreign people (expatriates and seconded people notably) wishing to establish in Algeria, either for the accomplishment of a short professional mission or longer, for living. Thus, we handle all legal, administrative and fiscal steps for their entire establishment and their compliance with Algerian regulations (assisting in the submission for the right entry clearance, titles of work, professional card, leases for living or working purposes, residence card, tax and banking issues, mainly for repatriating their revenues out of Algeria, social security and health insurance, etc).

Contentious work

And finally, as any Lawyer, we appear and plead the claims before the tribunals, courts and specialized jurisdictions, on behalf of our clients, individuals and legal bodies, either as plaintiffs or respondents.

Our cases are mainly composed of employment and labour disputes (unfair dismissals, abandonment of work positions, commitments of loyalty and fidelity, de facto work, etc) and commercial litigation (commercial liability, seizures and enforcement proceedings of debts, urgent measures, exequatur claims, etc).